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How does it work? How can I get your art? 
I offer a number of different options for purchase. I will do my best to help you enhance your space with modern, elegant, beautiful art picked exclusively to meet your goals and style. Please leave your phone number and then schedule a time to talk. 

How much is this painting?  
There are a few options depending on what you want to order. The best way is to talk about it on the phone. You will get a full art consultation for free. Please leave your number and schedule a time so we can talk. 

Do you have also prints or only originals?  
Yes, I have Giclee prints on canvas and also mixed media.
I will be glad to explain the differences and help you understand exactly what it is so you can make the best decision. Looking forward to helping you choose your beautiful, meaningful art. Contact me to hear about it.

I can't decide! I need your advice on which painting to choose for my space. 
Sure :) Please leave your phone number and schedule a time so we can talk, and I will give you a free consultation to help you choose. Looking forward to helping you find the art you love.   

Do you have the painting I want in other sizes? 
Yes! Let me know what size works best for you.

Do you have oversized paintings?
Yes!, I do. I also have large art in the print version.

I am redecorating my home, would you work with my interior designer? 
Sure, I will be glad to help you find beautiful art that fits your interior design and budget to bring your project to life. 
Please contact me and we'll schedule a time to talk about it.

Where can I visit your studio when I am in Israel?
You are always welcome! I live in Haifa but travel with my art to Jerusalem almost once a week. We can schedule a time to meet. 

What is the time frame to receive the art?
It depends on the art you you get and where you are located. When you place your order I will tell you what to expect.